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Action Network

An elevated lead-generation site that is optimized for action.

Powering Movements. Inspiring Mobilization.


For over a decade, Action Network has powered our country’s largest and most significant mobilizations, providing digital organizing tools for the progressive movement, from Pipeline protests to the Women’s March to the 2020 Biden campaign. Their brand story was full of impact, as their organization progressed from a scrappy startup to an integral part of the progressive tech ecosystem, with a mission to provide powerful and flexible digital organizing tools to those fighting for a more just and equitable world. 

The Challenge

The organic growth and expansion of ActionNetwork’s offering had created an outdated site that was confusing to navigate and frustrating for users. Wide Eye was engaged to help diagnose the challenges audiences were having, create a new site experience that provided an easy-to-use journey, clear tools and features, and to implement the energetic, progressive brand authentically and boldly.

The Solution

Wide-Eye performed a range of strategic activities that led to an audience-first lead generation tool. Our team used audience interviews and data to inform user journeys of aspirational and current ActionNetwork users. We created solution-centered landing pages that pitch various features to audiences and demonstrated software. And, we revised the pricing table to allow visitors to customize a single quote for multiple tools without the need for a representative.

Next, we brought their site to life with intentional design that presented a bold, innovative, and progressive brand story. Custom illustrations show their unique offering of tools developed by organizers for organizers, demonstrating their core differentiator from more corporate, for-profit CRMs–which is their cooperative design and development model.

The Impact

To date, ActionNetwork has empowered organizations to build power through 55,000,000 + letters sent, 5,000,000+ event attendees, and 12,000 progressive groups using Action Network to amplify, organize and build power.

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